Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket: 3 Reasons and 4 Treatments

You have watched your cat around. One day, you just wonder ‘Why does my cat lick my blanket?” Naturally, such a question arises because you have seen it doing the same thing again and again.


In most cases, cat owners aren’t really concerned when they are cuddling with their cats and it starts licking the blanket. However, some owners do have problems with that.

They are either disgusted or they are worried that it actually shows an underlying symptoms or health issues. Read on if you want to learn about several reasons why the action happens.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket
Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket

Food Stain

If you like eating and drinking on the bed, or you have your blanket around whenever you eat (or drink), it would be normal if the blanket catches the spill, food crumbs, or even stains.

Cats have great sense of smell; they know when there is any food remains on the blanket. No wonder if it licks the blanket. It simply tries to get some crumbs or lick the stains from the blanket.


If this is the issue, then all you have to do is to wash the blanket and then spray it with something with quite potent scent to deter the cat from coming to the blanket again and again

Emotional Issue

When it comes to emotional issue, it’s possible that you cat has:

Anxiety problem. When you are in a new environment or there is a change (moving to a new place, having a new baby or a new family member, etc), it will also affect the cat. Your cat may be stressed out or be anxious. For them, cuddling, licking, or chewing the blanket can be a way to relieve their anxiety. 

Feel joy or happy. On the contrary to the anxiety, your cat may be simply…well, happy. It is happy having you around, and one way to express it is to surround itself with the things that you often use. If your cat looks happy and content, and it licks your blanket, it is simply its way to show its happiness.

Compulsive Behavior and Disorder

Blanket-licking habit may also show the symptoms of:


Pica disorder. This is a disorder where the cat has this urge to eat items (which are inedible). It usually leads to symptoms of deficiencies in the diet. Urgent and proper treatment should be taken right away. Fail to do so, the disorder can lead to intestines blockages. For cats, it’s dangerous.

Compulsive behavior. It is basically a habit that it likes to do. There is no reason for it and it’s occasional – not regularly or often happening. Just check to make sure that your cat won’t swallow or ingest fiber strands.

To treat Pica disorder, you should have it checked. Take it to the vet and have a thorough examination. The vet should be able to suggest the proper treatment and medication. If your cat has a compulsive behavior and you find the habit to be annoying, then consult with the vet to find the best solution and treatments.

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket

How to Stop the Blanket Licking Behavior

After you have learned about the reasons why your cat likes licking the blanket so much, now it is time to know about how to stop it. These ways are considered safe, for both you and your cat.

Spray your blanket with detergents. Cats have good sense of smell. They don’t like any sharp or weird smell, especially if they aren’t used to it. Spraying the blanket with detergents can prevent your cat from licking it anymore. But you also need to make sure that you aren’t bothered or annoyed by the smell either.

Buy chewing toys. There are some toys that are especially designed for cats. For most cats, chewing toys would be more attractive than your blanket. Try with one toy first. If it is able to attract your cat and your cat seems to stop the licking habit, then you can try buying another toy. Having two to three toys would be enough to keep your cat occupied.

Cuddle more and give attention. If the licking is the result of insecurity, then you should spend more time with your cat. By spending more time playing or cuddling, you can alleviate the anxiety. But this method should be done slowly, but surely. Don’t go suddenly or your cat may be even more stressed out.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Blanket

Provide rewards for positive and good behaviors. Whenever your cat stops licking the blanket, give it rewards so it would learn about it. Stop licking = reward. Cats are basically smart creatures. Do this regularly and your cat will learn that it will be rewarded if it stops licking the blanket – and just leave it alone.

Final Words

If you find the blanket licking behavior to be annoying, or if you are worried your cat’s well-being, then taking it to the vet would be the best option. Now you know what to do if you have questions about why does my cat lick my blanket – and you also know the solutions.

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