Why Does My Cat Lick Me ?

You might wonder why does my cat lick me when you try to touch them while playing and sometimes they even come closer then suddenly lick you. You should know that her tongue has a lot of tiny barbs on its surface.

Those barbs function to be the comb which useful for grooming herself, as well as rasp when eating. This is the reason why she love licks a lot of things in her surrounding such as bowls, her fur and even you as the owner.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Without Cause?

Actually there are many reasons why your cats do this kind of behavior. Thus you need to know what does it mean when a cat licks a human as one of their behavior such as:

  1. Seeking attention

A lot of people already understand that their cat needs to have their attention. And when she does not get enough attention then she will seek for your attention. One way that this feline usually does is to lick you as their owner. Sometimes, they even bite you after they lick you.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

  1. Cleaning

As you know licking also means cleaning for your cat even though that might not be the case for human. Besides cleaning, this kind of behavior also used by your cat as a mean to bond with their owners which means she already consider you as one of the group member.

  1. Tasting

Sometimes your cat also likes to eat you when they taste something tasty in your skin. But sometimes, your cat likes the salty taste of your skin.

  1. Affection

Grooming for cat is considered as a method to show affection between cats, not only with their owner but also with other cats. Thus when they lick you, then for them it is their way to show their affection to you.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

One thing that needs to be remembering is you need to see how your cat behaved. When your cat is calm, then she will start liking as one of her behavior as we mention above. But sometimes she will also try to lick you when she feels anxious. That is why; you need to see whether she is calm or anxious when she licking you.

If she indeed anxious, then you need to search for something that has changed in your cat living environment. That way, you will know how to handle the situation according to the reason why your cat licks you.