When is Kitten Season ? [Tips & Facts]

When is kitten season probably one of the most important questions when you raised kitten at home. But first, what is kitten season? This is the time when most of the female cats full of cute kittens in their belly or when they get little young kitten on their sides.


In other words, it is the perfect time for you who want to adopt new kitten because many shelters dealing with kitten with many sizes, colors, and shapes.

When is the kitten season for you to adopt the new one?

So, here are some of kitten season facts: the kitten season usually occur seasonally depending on the climate and region, however most places in United States will experience this kitten season around April to October.

when is kitten season

And when the time is come, all of the shelters will full of little kittens and cats. The female cats come into heat during those months and they will have multiple pregnancy. Why the female cats are so prolific?


When the breading season comes, every 2 weeks the female cats will repeatedly come into heat.

The female cats will try to find male cats as much as they can and they will even breed with multiple male cats.

During breeding season, the female cats will come into heat quickly even after they just giving birth.

The eggs inside the female cats will wait for 30 to 50 hours and they will be released during copulation.

So, if you want to adopt new kitten, we suggest you get them from local shelters during this kitten season because the shelter will be in the maximum capacity and of course they cannot deal with all the new kittens alone.


How To Litter Train a Kitten

You can go to the shelter and they will give you the best selection. And after you take one, quickly go to the veterinarian to complete physical examination and to make sure there is no problem with their health.

How to control the cats during kitten season?

After you know when is kitten season then it is best to start preparing before the female cats in heat. Never thinking to simply keep the cats inside and away from the male cats

Because they will vocalizing for 24 hours each day and they will disturb you and even drive you crazy from all those sounds they like to make during heat. The best way to control the cats is bring them to the vet to get them spayed.

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