When Does a Kitten Become a Cat?

Some people like to ask about when does a kitten become a cat and apparently, many give different answers. Some say the kitten becomes adult around six months while others say the cats will be adult when reach one year old.


Even though your kitten already became an adult, they maybe still act like mischievous kitten, however her needs will change so you also need to change the way you take care of the adult cat.

When does a kitten become a cat and fully grown?

Your kitten can start to look like an adult when they reach 6 months of age and this is mean that they start need adult cat foods. After you are sure when do kittens become cats, you should change the way you feeding them as well as other requirements such as:

  1. Feeding

After your kitten becomes an adult cat, do not feed her your usual kitten foods because cats do not use as much as energy as the kitten so she might become overweight.

You need to find more suitable adult cat foods in proper amount too. Little by little replace the kitten foods with cat foods since it is the best way to slowly introduce her with the new foods.


when does a kitten become a cat

  1. Exercising

When your cat becomes bigger and muscular, it is the time you bring her for regular exercise. It is also the best way to prevent overweight and keep her fit. With exercise, the cats will be healthier and happier. Makes them active will make her mind in peace.

  1. Vaccinating

Why a kitten’s first year is the most important it is because they start to need some vaccinate. Take a note that at around 14 months of age, the vet usually will recommend the adult cat to get some vaccination. It will boost their immune system and keep your cat healthy while fight against diseases.

So, when you are not sure about when does a kitten become a cat, you can always ask the veterinarian because they can help to determine the cat’s age based on appearance and other factors or indications.

How to Stop Kitten from Bitting?

When the kittens start to become adult, the vet might also recommend her to get spayed (female cat) or neutered (male) to prevent them become pregnant or breeding.


Just make sure you make an appointment with the vet to check your new kitten or cat soon. It is also important for the cats to have regular check up to ensure their health condition.

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