When Do Kitten Open Eyes for the First Time?

Kittens are weak creatures especially when they are a newborn baby that cannot even open their eyes yet. If you witnessed the birth of the kittens when they emerge into the world for the first time then maybe you are curious when do kitten open eyes. Since the kitten cannot open their eyes yet, of course they are blind for the first few weeks until they finally open their eyes and see the world.


In addition of the blindness, the kittens are also deafness, but do not worry because it is also normal and designed by nature. For your information, kittens are really sensitive to the sounds and loud voices can harm them so the kittens are born without hearing to protect themselves until they are finally growing up and can hear the owner’s voice clearly.

When do kitten open eyes and ears after being born?

  1. Why the kitten eyes are closed when they are being born

In fact, most of kittens are born before all of their organs and senses are develops enough to adapt with the new world. You might also notice that their ears are firmly attached to the head which meaning they cannot hear yet.

For several days to weeks, the kittens are normally blind and deaf so they can only rely on their sense of feeling and smells as well as their mother at first.

And just like we mentioned before, the kittens are not only sensitive to sounds but also light, so their eyelids kept shut to protect their eyes before they can adapt from the outside world.


when do kitten open eyes

  1. When do kitten open eyes and ears

The kitten eyes are began to open in the first week or so. They will slowly adapt and their senses are developed gradually. Their eyes will open partially though since they are still sensitive to light. And the kitten will completely open their eyes after couple of weeks.

Their eyes will open wider and continue to open when the reach the first two or three weeks of age. As for the ears, they will start to adapt hearing in the first 5 to 8 days of age.

when do kitten open eyes

  1. The blue eyes of kitten

You maybe notice that the kitten’s eyes are blue in color. Many kittens have blue eyes at first, although not all of them but as they gradually growing into more mature state.


Their blue eyes are mostly will change and finally they will get permanent colors and they will lose their blue eyes completely when reach 3 months of age. This is such an important kitten development timeline you should know.

  1. Taking care of the kitten eyes

Never rush the development of your kittens by forcefully opening their eyes because the eyes will open naturally. Sometime you also need to clean and wipe the eyes with cotton ball soaked in warm water in gentle manner to remove the discharge. If you spot infection on the kitten eyes then quickly bring them to the vet for further check up.

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After you know the development of the kittens especially when do kitten open eyes and ears, you can rest assured that the kittens are normally born with their eyes and ears still closed.

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