What to Feed a 4 Week Old Kitten ?

If you take care of a young cat, then you surely want to know what to feed a 4 week old kitten so you can give them the entire nutrient that they need.


When you want your kitten to wean so they do not need to constantly depend on their mother then you might want to do it carefully. It will take some times for the kitten to actually adapt to other type of food than what they currently eating.

Learn What to Feed a 4 Week Old Kitten

During 4 week old kitten care, there are actually a few foods that you can feed to them. You should be careful to not give them wrong kind of food which may not be nutritious enough for them. Food that you can give to your kitten such as:

  1. Milk replacement

Most feline owner thinks that they can use any kind of milk including cow’s milk as the replacement for their mother milk. However, it is a big mistake especially for someone that taking care of orphaned kitten.

Other types of milk could not give the right nutrition for your kitten, especially the cow’s milk which may even make the kitten get gastrointestinal problem such as diarrhea. That is why; you need to purchase a specially designed milk replacement for kitten.


You can easily found one at the pharmacy, pet store and from your vet. You can give this milk along with gruel as a 4 week old kitten still needs both.

what to feed a 4 week old kitten
  1. Gruel

Kitten that still has their mother will be encouraged to eat other kind of food even when they are still 3 week old. That is why; by the time they are 4 week old, then they would already eat gruel as their primary food.

To make one by yourself, you can easily mix the kitten food both dried and wet with water or milk. Try to make the gruel in the same consistency as oatmeal.

If you use dried food, then you need to let the food soak the liquid before feeding it to the kitten. Use this consistency and gradually thicken it every week so in the end your kitten can eat solid type food.

what to feed a 4 week old kitten chart

To encourage your kitten to eat the gruel, first you may want to put some of them in your finger tip, and then hold it against your kitten mouth for them to taste. Then slowly guide them to the gruel bowl using your finger and ensure that your kitten follows then eat the gruel directly from the bowl.


You need to give food to your kitten every 6 until 8 hour stretch. If your kitten does not eat all of the gruel right away, then you will need to still give them the milk replacement.

It is only so they still get enough nutrients that they need. But you still need to encourage them to eat mostly gruel food. So they can get accustomed to food with thicker consistency until they move solely to eat solid type of kitten food.

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