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8-Week Old Kitten Care Tips

8-week old kitten

Being an 8-week old kitten is an important milestone for a cat in their life. Starting from their birthday until they reach the age of 7 weeks, they are mostly dependent, either on their mother or on

How to Litter Train a Kitten and an Outdoor Cat

how to litter train a kitten how to litter train a kitten how to litter train a kitten

There is quite a number of reasons why someone would look for tips on how to litter train a kitten. Perhaps you are currently transitioning an outdoor cat to a domesticated, indoor life. Or perhaps, you have just

How to Introduce a Kitten to a Cat

How to Introduce a Kitten to a Cat older cat

You should know how to introduce a kitten to a cat before you bring any new kitten to meet with your resident adult cat. That is why; it is better for you to prepare everything beforehand so

7-Week Old Kitten Care Tips

7-week old kitten

When you have a 7-week old kitten, you certainly have many things to expect, but it is important that you keep your expectation realistic because the way your kitten will grow, become healthy, become smart, and become

When Do Kitten Open Eyes for the First Time?

when do kitten open eyes

Kittens are weak creatures especially when they are a newborn baby that cannot even open their eyes yet. If you witnessed the birth of the kittens when they emerge into the world for the first time then

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

You might want to learn how to discipline a cat if they behave badly without hurting them and stop them from becoming naughty once again. But first, you might want to know the reason why they behave

How To Potty Train a Kitten to Use Litter Box

How To Potty Train a Kitten

Learning how to potty train a kitten cannot be done in short time as your kitten need to get used to the litter through several period of training sessions. And you should know that not all mothers

How Long is a Cat Pregnant and Sign of Pregnancy

How Long is a Cat Pregnant

A lot of cat owners wonder about how long is a cat pregnant, especially since cat pregnancy is different from human pregnancy. For cat pregnancy, the duration is only last for around 64 until 67 days which

How to Make a Kitten Poop and Pee?

How to Make a Kitten Poop

You might wondering how to make a kitten poop as young cat from one day until 3 week old need to be encourage for elimination. Actually this process will be done by their mother as the mother

Blue Buffalo Kitten Food Reviews and Information

blue buffalo kitten food

Blue Buffalo kitten food made from natural rich protein ingredients which can provide healthy nutrition in properly amount. Blue Buffalo is a company that provide both kittens and cats foods, they committed to sell best quality of

5-Week Old Kitten Care Tips

5-Week Old Kitten Care Tips | September 2022

Adopting a 5-week old kitten is a good idea because they are still baby and therefore easier to train and because they are already able to eat food other than their mom’s milk. So, the two most

Learn How to Convert Cat Years to Human Years

Cat Years to Human Years

If you looking a way to convert cat years to human years so you will know how mature your cat condition really is. Actually there are people that said that for a cat one year, it is

6-Week Old Kitten Care Tips

6-week old kitten

A 6-week old kitten is not much different from a 5-week old one. Kittens aged 5 and 6 weeks are often included in the same age group that determines how they grow and develop and how they should be

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat ?

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat

You might wonder how long does a cat stay in heat especially since the odd behavior as well as the yowling may disturbed you. Actually the cat may stay in this condition for around four until ten