How to Tell and Take Care Kitten with Down Syndrome

Maybe you never heard that even a kitten can have Down syndrome just like humans do. Yes, the kittens can have Down syndrome although the case may vary and this is why you need to figure out how to take care them when you find out that the kittens have Down syndrome. Kitten with Down syndrome is needs to be cared differently than normal cats.


Of course it is always encouraged that you talk to the vet for more information regarding how to take care kittens with the Down syndrome.

What you need to do when you have kitten with Down syndrome?

Talk to the veterinarian

It is really important to talk to your local vet to not only check whether the kittens have Down syndrome, but also to know what is the cause that the kittens act strangely.

Best if you can go to several vets at once so you can have different possible tests. This will give you nice experiences and values to determine what you are going to do in the further with kitty in Down syndrome.

kitten with down syndrome


Read and conduct some research

Always stay up to date with kitten Down syndrome cases, you can go online or read books when you want to come with this topic.

It is best to get as much information as you can so you will be able to combat entire issues. Of course it will take some time to understand, but it will be worth it!

Do not compare

Avoid comparison of kitten Down syndrome and human Down syndrome because they are two different beings. Meaning that just because the kittens do not active, this does not mean they are sick. The best way is to go to the vet and consult the experts about Down syndrome kitten.


If your kitten in the end diagnosed with Down syndrome even after you go to multiple vets and they all said similar conclusion then it is the time you need to accept the fact. Do not panic and you can start to treat the kitten with Down syndrome properly:

Watch their diet
Frequent check up to the vet
Monitor the progress
Keep them playing outside and away from electricity and dangerous appliances


In conclusion, when you find out that your kitten have Down syndrome, you need to focus on their well being. Even if the cat seems to act oddly or slowly to develop, you need to ensure they still in their best health.

You need to care the kittens in good manner and you need to be careful when handling the kittens as well as when you want to socialize them to other pets or animals.

How to Stop Kitten from Bitting

Kitten with Down syndrome might possible to occur with some symptoms which you do not know. If you are looking for newborn kittens or young cats, the first thing you should do is to bring them to the vet to check their health both physically and mentally especially if their parents have Down syndrome. Hope this information help you a lot when deal with Down syndrome kittens.

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