How to Raise a Kitten into Healthy & Happy Adult Cat

If this is your first time getting a new kitten then you should know how to raise a kitten properly so they can grow up into healthy and happy cat. Kitten is a cute little pet and when you decide to raise them, you need to provide the right way to take care of them.


You should understand that newborn kitten cannot be separated from their mother until they reach 8 weeks of age unless there is special case where the kittens are being separated from the mother such as if the mother is dead or something. Below is several notes that you need to take a note when raising a kitten.

How to raise a kitten into healthy and happy cat

The ideal time to bring new kitten into your house away from the mother is when they are 8 weeks. You can bring them into a new house full of foods and love so they can slowly start adapting and experiencing new home. This is such an important note on how to raise a kitten without mother.

how to raise a kitten

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Some people may argue that the 12 weeks is a correct time to take a new kitten home, but at such age, kitten ability to adapt with new house start slowing up. Other than that, you need to pay attention at:

  1. Prepare the new home for kittens

Before you bring the kitten at your home, you need to ensure that your house is safe to raise a kitten by put away any items that can harm the kitten including medicines, cords, any supplies, and items you do not want broken.

Moreover, if there are plants that can cause some harm for the kitten, consider putting them away as well. You may also need to limit and block certain areas in your house so the kitten will not get in.

how to raise a kitten

  1. When you have a dog

If you have another pet at home, for example dog or puppy then you should know how to raise a kitten and puppy together. It takes some time to introduce new kitten with the puppy, you need to be patient.

When you bring the kitten, do not take the kitten with the puppy in the same room, instead you can make some seeing through divider so they can slowly familiar with each other smell. Or you can put the kitten in their cage while the puppy keeps on leash at first.


After that, you can star to open the cage and loose the leash so both of them can start to adapt with each other presence.

how to introduce a kitten to a dog

  1. Buy and select kitten supplies

There are items that you need to be prepared before you bring kitten into your home such as litter box, water and food bowls (stainless steel or ceramic are the best recommendation) …

kitten foods (if you need formula, choose brands that specifically for kitten, avoid human formula or cow’s milk), soft bed or blanket, brush or comb, and hiding places (like cardboard boxes since kitten might be anxious with the new place at first). what can kitten eat

  1. Play and stay together with the kitten

After you set a specific room for the kitten along with the supplies needed, it is the time you need to slowly spend some time and stay together with the kitten. You can sit on the floor and pet them or play with them.

When the kitten start getting to know find their foods and water plus litter box, you can leave the room door open. The kitten can explore your house with ease.when is kitten season

  1. Avoid getting the kitten bored and socialize them

Kitten is a sensitive pet and thus you need to avoid making them stress or get bored. How to raise a kitten properly is by playing with them, you can give them kitten toys and put them away when you leave the kitten to work or when you cannot available.


In addition, you can introduce the kitten with any sounds and voices. You can let them see running water or you can run the vacuum cleaner. You can also bring new friends at home to play with the kitten, make the little pet socialize with other people is the best recommendation.

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How to raise a kitten in apartment or house by feeding them according to their ages and do not forget to take them at vets to check up their health. Once or twice a year or when you are see the kitten so dirty, bath them gently. This is ways on how to raise a kitten which you need to pay attention.

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