How To Potty Train a Kitten to Use Litter Box

Learning how to potty train a kitten cannot be done in short time as your kitten need to get used to the litter through several period of training sessions. And you should know that not all mothers will train their kitten to use the litter, although there are some that does. Thus most of the time, you will need to train your kitten as early as 4 weeks old.

Learn How To Potty Train a Kitten Easily

First thing that you need to do is to of course have all of the equipment ready to avoid having litter training kittens problems. It is better when you have big litter box that your kitten can use for a long time even though it is too big for them at this moment. Then try to choose kitty litter which is more suitable for kittens.

Choose brand that is widely available, and unscented. Scoop-able litter is good to use as you can remove the waste easily. Now, that all of the equipment is ready, then you can train the kitten right away.

To train the kitten, you need to put the box in peaceful place to not make the kitten nervous and give her privacy. Once the area is ready, now you can try to make your kitten accustomed to the area. What you need to do is to place the kitten inside the box frequently.

Do this even though they do not want to relieve themselves. And also do this everything you think they want to relieve such as after meal, when she wakes up, etc. Do not encourage them to dig as well as burry their waste as it will come naturally for them.

How To Potty Train a Kitten

How To Potty Train a Kitten

Your kitten wills eventually pickup the meaning of the litter box even though some might need more time. When that happens, then do not forget to give some praise whenever your kitten goes by themselves.

If you need to move the litter box to other place, do not do it right away. Instead, move the litter box a few feet from the initial place and ensure it is still in sight. Do this a few times until the litter box arrived in the new place that you want. This will help the kitten to recognize the litter box location and avoid confusion which might make them accidentally goes outside the box.

How To Potty Train a Kitten

However, if she accidentally goes outside the box, then you needs to let them sniff their mess, then put them gently inside the litter box. This is useful so they will know what to do the next time they want to relieved themselves. Remember to not hit or even yell at them as they would not understand your meaning. This will only make them hate you if you really hit them.

If the cat that you want to train is new to your house, then it is better for you to try and put them in confinement for a period of time around a few weeks. Then put the litter box inside the confinement, so you kitten can easily reach it.