How to Make a Kitten Poop and Pee?

You might wondering how to make a kitten poop as young cat from one day until 3 week old need to be encourage for elimination. Actually this process will be done by their mother as the mother nurture the kitten when they are still young.


But if you pick up orphanage kitten, then it is another case to deal with. Thus you are the one that need to make the kitten poop.

Learn Step on How to Make a Kitten Poop

If you are wondering why won’t my kitten poop, then you should know that they cannot eliminate by themselves without being encourage to do so. That is why; you need to stimulate them for elimination by doing several things we will mention here.

How to Make a Kitten Poop

First of all, you need to stimulate their elimination after they done eating. Use your non-dominant hand to hold them using your palm and ensure their behind is facing you.


Hold them gently but do not let them escape. But you need to ensure that the kitten still feel warm when you do this method as young kitten can be sick if their body temperature is low.

Next hold a soft and damp wash cloth using your dominant hand. Try to choose wash cloth that is very soft as well as light in color which makes it easier for you to see your kitten poop later on. Alternately, you can also use damp cotton as well as gauze to do this method.

How to Make a Kitten Poop

Now you need to rub this cloth to the kitten anal area to stimulate their poop. Remember to do this gently as it may irritate your kitten if you rub it too hard or if you use rough cloth.

You only need to massage the kitten genital as well as anal area using your thumb as well as fingers to stimulate it. Do it one area at a time, until you notice that your kitten finish eliminating.


How to Make a Kitten Poop

Try to check whether your kitten already eliminate or not by seeing the change in the wash cloth color that you use. When your kitten starts to eliminate, you will feel some warm in the wash cloth. When this happen, do not stop the motion until your kitten finish eliminating.

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But you may need to move around the wash cloth to clean area, to ensure that you always use clean area to rub the kitten. However, if you use cotton ball, then you may want to disposed it and use new cotton ball once again.

After one area is finish, now you can move to the other area and do the same steps once again to the next area. This process will only need around one minute to finish, so it should not take a while to do it. Remember to always use clean area in the wash cloth or new cotton ball when moving to a new area.

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The kitten poop is usually soft as they have not eaten solid food yet. However, if you notice that your kitten does not eliminate after they done eating, then you might want to contact your veterinarian immediately.

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