How to Keep Your House from Smelling Like Cats

How to keep your house from smelling like cats will be needed if you have had the same case. It can be serious problem because of your bad habit to obey. Therefore, you need to know more the valuable tips in order to prevent smelling like cats in your home. Check this out!


Check Out The Cat’s Litter

Of course, main contributor to result poop and pee is cat’s litter so that you have to set and manage it as well as possible. Make sure to buy suitable litter with automatic machine that can clean and remove the odors in your home.  

Don’t forget to put cat’s litter in appropriate room. Move it from important rooms such as kitchen, guest room, bedroom or bathroom. Clean it regularly, at least once a week. A scented litter can be next option to avoid bed smelling from the cat’s litter.

How to keep your house from smelling like cats

Remove Cat’s Stain and Scent Outside of The Litter

The cat’s stain and scent usually appear on ceramic floor or carpet. White vinegar and water are good to remove the stain of your cat’s urine. In addition, to remove the scent, you can use the baking soda so that you will be easy how to keep your house from smelling like cats.

Cat’s Fur Must be Cleaned

A half activity a day of adult cat is usually spent to grooming itself. It is good way to remove the cat’s scent naturally. Removing the scent also can protect or prevent the cat from predator attack.


Unfortunately, natural grooming is not enough because not all parts of your cat’s body can be reached effectively and it will need more energy to do it. Therefore, you have to aid grooming activity of your cat by utilizing scent-free wet wipes, specific wet wipes, unscented baby wipes. You can add natural oil for the maximal process of grooming.  

If your car has longhaired breeds, don’t forget to remove the shaded fur. If you don’t make attention about that problem; be ready to get unpleasant smelling in your beloved home.

Kitten Care

Don’t Forget to Bath You Cat Regularly

How to keep your house from smelling like cats? You can manage cat’s bathing activity. Basically, it can be done with wet wipes or using bathtub. Don’t force the cat to take a bath in the bathtub; if he/she doesn’t want it. It is wise for you to obey power shower in other to prevent traumatic.

When you make a bathing to the cat, make sure to use suitable shop, shampoo and other bath equipment. In the last step, don’t forget to dry it off by utilizing a soft towel. If is needed, you can use hairdryer with low heat setting.

Vacuum The Carpet and Soft Tools in Your Home

The smelling cat is often difficult to remove. Trying to use vacuum to your carpet and soft tools in the home such as rug and cushions will be good option. For more treatment, you should be washed those once a week, at least. After vacuum and washing activities, it can be useful trick to use spray soapy water and add baking soda.

Kitten Health Problems

Use Sterilized Cloth to Clean Furniture

How to keep your house from smelling like cats?This is the sixth tip.Regularly, you have to also clean your furniture by utilizing sterilized cloth. Don’t be over by washing your furniture because it only wastes time. Mop with valuable cloth will be effective to clean it.

How to Remove Cat Odor in The Air

Although, cat odor in the air cannot be remove permanently; using those benefit things can work. The cat odor in the air can be done with natural air freshener like baking soda, essential oil and scented candles, and air filter and air purification. For more information about those things, you can shop in your pet shop or going to shop in online pet shop.

Plan to Apply Diet for Your Cat

Make sure that your cat eats proper and suitable foods. Feeding the cat with huge proteins consumptions will make unpleasant smelling from its urine and pee. Moreover, feeding by utilizing huge carbohydrate should be avoided because beside of bad smelling; it can cause chronic flatulence and upset stomach. 

In conclusion, how to keep your house from smelling like cats?You can try to apply valuable tips above. I hope, those work and you will be free to taste bad smelling in your beloved home although live together with your cat.

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