How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

You might want to learn how to discipline a cat if they behave badly without hurting them and stop them from becoming naughty once again. But first, you might want to know the reason why they behave badly so you can see the things that happen from their pov.

That way, you can understand their behavior more to know the things that you can do to discipline them. The main reason why you cat may behave badly without their notice is because they cannot do things that they do in the nature.

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

Learn How to Discipline a Cat Using the Right Method

You should know that when you try to discipline your cat, you cannot do things that you think as punishment such as hitting or hurting them in any way. Do cat understand punishment? They would not understand this kind of punishment. This will only affect your relationship with her but will not make they change their bad behavior.

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

Things that you should do when trying to discipline them is by stop doing things that your cat love such as:

Playing with your cat

Feeding her with her favorite food.

Giving treat to her.

Talk to her.

Notice her.

Pet her.

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

How to Discipline a Cat in the Right Method

On the other word if you think that your cat behaves badly then you need to stop play with your cat. You might also want to start walking away from her and keep walking away even if she follows you. You need to ignore her completely to show that you do not approve their behavior. Then they will learn not to do this bad behavior once again.

However, this method should also be followed with suitable method that you should do if they behave in the right manner. If you think she does something good then you need to reward her. The reward can also be the positive way of those above things we mention before. Such as playing with her, notice her right away when she come, pet her and even treat her once in a while if you like their behavior.

Do not forget that you need to do both of those methods regularly each time they behave badly and each time they behave in a good manner. Then your cat will realize which behavior that is more fun to do and then will not do the bad behavior once again. Of course it will need some time for them to learn through the method that you do.