How to Bottle Feed a Kitten with These 5 Proper Ways

Ideally the newborn kittens need to stay close to their mother who feeding them. However, some circumstances may not allow such case to happen and thus the kittens need to be feed up by the owners with bottle of warm milk.


There are many things you need to consider especially know how to bottle feed a kitten so you are not making a mistake when doing it. Here are five lessons of how to give a bottle of milk to your newborn kittens!

Know how to bottle feed a kitten with five steps

  1. Select the right bottle and formula

How to bottle feeding kittens with milk are need to be prepared carefully since those small newborn cats have sensitive system and so they need special formula. With special formula, it will balance and provide enough nutrition for the kittens such as minerals, vitamins, etc.

You can select the formula in nearest pet shops or online pet stores. Please take a note that never feeding the kittens with human baby formula, cow’s milk, homemade recipe milk, and such since they can possible harm the kittens.

Moreover, when select the bottle make sure that the hole does not too large or small. You can turn the bottle upside down to check and make sure the proper flow. The milk needs to come slowly, one drop at a time.


how to bottle feed a kitten

  1. Prepare the formula properly

You need to make the formula or milk comfortably warm before feeding the kittens. You can test the temperature by drop the formula on the inside of your wrist and make sure that the milk is not too hold but not too cold either.

To keep the unused milk, you can refrigerate it to ensure the freshness. If you use powder formula, make sure that the powder is completely smooth.

  1. Feeding the kittens with comfortable posture

How to bottle feed a cat needs to be done gently with the right belly down posture. The kitten’s belly should seated or lying toward the floor when you feed them.

Avoid to give the formula the way the human baby always do which is lying on her back since it can cause the kittens inhale some fluid into their lungs. You can sit the kittens on table or your lap and make sure you hold their head steadily before you feed them.


how to bottle feed a kitten

  1. Feed the kittens with the proper amount

Kittens need regular feeding so you need to give them formula until about 5 to 6 weeks of age when they finally be able to eat wet kitten foods. You should give small amount of formula every few hours, for example if the kittens are still 1 week age then the amount of feeding is about 2 to 5 ml every two hours. Make sure you find out the right amount before you feeding the kittens.

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  1. Never forget to monitor the weight

You need to frequently monitoring the weight of the kittens to ensure they are in good progress. You can use digital food scale to give them the right amount of formula based on their weight. It is important so you can make sure that the kittens are not overweight or oppositely, loses some weight.

Those are some important points know how to bottle feed a kitten; hope it helps you to take care the kittens properly.

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