How to Bathe a Kitten in the Safest Way

Step by step how to bathe a kitten the safest way is really important for cat owners since washing a kitten is quite challenging especially if the kittens have some serious cases like flea and diarrhea. Kittens can get dirty and this is why you need to bath them to make them clean and stay healthy.


However, you do not need to wash the kittens regularly because bathing them frequently can cause their skin to dry and flaky. Most of kittens also do not have long furs yet, so you do not need to wash them too often.

While in some cases, if the kittens have diarrhea or injury or flea, then it is the time you need to throw them to the bathtub.

Step by step how to bathe a kitten and other information to take note

If you have kitten that just few weeks of age then you need to start wash them slowly thus the bathing experience does not turn into traumatic event.

That’s why before you take the kittens into the bathtub; you need to make sure that they are already in comfortable state.


Recognize when the kittens need to take a bath

Most of kittens and cats in fact do not need to bathe regularly since they are mostly can cleaning and grooming themselves without anyone help.

In case the kittens have fleas, diarrhea, or when the kittens just going outside and then they come back appear so dirty then it is the time you need to clean them properly.

So, the kittens do not need to be bathed more than twice a year unless they get really dirty or have special cases just like we already mentioned above.

how to bathe a kitten

Wash the kittens with damp cloth

If the kittens just few weeks of age and they are really young, never to give them full bath.


You just need to clean them using damp washcloth, just wipe their body and fur gently. This is how to bathe a kitten without shampoo or other chemical products.

Prepare the washroom

You can simply take the kittens at bathroom, but it is recommended to prepare the washroom specifically for the pets.

You can use large bowl as a bath for them or you can use the sink by ensure the kittens can comfortable placing their little feet. You can fold a clean towel and then position it in the middle of the bathroom sink.

How to bathe a kitten with shampoo

In case the kittens are really dirty, you can use special shampoo for kittens to wash them gently.

Select a shampoo that especially mentioned it is kitten friendly. Never use dog or human shampoo to wash the kittens because they can dry out the skin.

Better to take unscented shampoo since kittens have sensitive sense of smell. Remember to mix the shampoo with water first because you need to avoid putting the soap directly on the kittens.

how to bathe a kitten


Bathing kittens which have fleas and diarrhea

There are two things you need to understand for these two specific issues:

How to bathe a kitten with fleas? Kittens or cats need to be cleaned using shampoo that can kill fleas or flea eggs.
If the kittens do not have fleas, then they can use regular kitten shampoos at pet shops, however if the kittens do have fleas, you cannot bath them using regular shampoos because they can irritate their skin.

How To Bottle Feed a Kitten

How to bathe a kitten with diarrhea? If the poop getting into their furs then you should clean them first slowly because they can be really sticky.
Use warm water and shampoo to remove the sticky poop on their furs. After that, do not forget to take them to the vets to investigate the cause of the disease.
Please take a note that, kitten’s diarrhea can cause diseases or illnesses on humans, so wash your hands after you handling them

Is it okay to bathe the kittens using dawn?

Many kitten owners like to wash their pets using dawn dish detergent to remove fleas and it is somehow do the trick.

Of course you can do similar thing only if the kittens have fleas to be removed and not to mention dawn detergent is cheaper than regular kitten shampoos.

How to bathe a kitten with dawn is simply using the same method just like when you wash the kittens with regular shampoos.

Follow those information and steps about how to bathe a kitten in the right ways so you can avoid harming the kittens.

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