How Much To Feed a Kitten a Day ?

If you have new kitten, then you need to know how much to feed a kitten a day as they need different portion of food from adult cat. Especially since the kitten’s body will need to grow during their first weeks of living thus they really need to get a lot of nutrition to support their growth.


That is why; it is important that your kitten need to gain enough calories to support their growth as well as their high activity level. In fact, they need around three times the amount of energy that an adult cat need.

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Actually for several fatty acids, fat as well as most of the vitamins the kitten needs them in the same amount as adult cat. However, for amino acids, protein, mineral, as well as several of the vitamins then they will need more of them. As example, your kitten will use protein to create around 30 percent of the energy that they need daily.

How Much To Feed a Kitten a Day
How Much To Feed a Kitten a Day

That is why most, kitten feeding guide will tell you to give your kitten a food that is specially formulated to be eaten by kitten until they reach at least 1 year old.

You should know that even though some food that is intended for adult cat stated that it can also be eaten by cat in any life stages, however, most of them are not suitable for kitten, except when they already do feeding test which really proof their claim.


So when it comes to how many times you need to feed your kitten, you should know that they cannot get the entire energy that they need from only one meal. Thus you need to feed them more often for at least three to around four times each day for them to fulfill their energy need.

what to feed a 4 week old kitten chart

As the amount of energy needed by kitten is very large especially when they are still young. Then it is better to give them unlimited amount which they can take by themselves anytime when they are still young.

Thus there is no need to limit the amount of food that you give to them for at least four to around six month of their age. Then begin the timely feeding transition afterwards as they will need less and less energy after they grow.

By using free choice for your feeding method, it will give a lot of benefit for kitten that is underweight as well as kitten that is slow in growing.

Furthermore, it will reduce the possibility of upset stomach, which come from rapid eating. But if your kitten is already overweight, then you need to use different method for her.

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In this case, you need to give their food in measured portion. Then you can give it in meal based method, or leave it around until your kitten finishes it all.

This method can also be used to prevent obesity on kitten which will be another problem if you give too much food to you kitten. Prevention is better method compared to addressing the real thing once it happens.

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