How Long is a Cat Pregnant and Sign of Pregnancy

A lot of cat owners wonder about how long is a cat pregnant, especially since cat pregnancy is different from human pregnancy. For cat pregnancy, the duration is only last for around 64 until 67 days which is a lot shorter than human 9 months pregnancy period.


Information on How Long is a Cat Pregnant?

During those two months, you might even notice some changes in your cat that shows that they are pregnant. You can use this sign to learn how to tell if a cat is pregnant or not.

Usually your cat will experience some changes in their behavior as well as in their physical appearance. It will become more visible around 30 days after their pregnancy so you might not even notice it before their stomach begin to show.

If you want to tell whether your cat is pregnant or not before that period, then you can tell by looking at their nipples which will become pink and large during this period.

Of course, your veterinarian will be able to detect your cat pregnancy easier as they can do ultrasound to check your cat belly right away.

How Long is a Cat Pregnant How Long is a Cat Pregnant

When your cat is pregnant, other changes might not be notice right away. This makes it difficult for you to know the exact duration of your cat pregnancy. Thus the duration that we mention above is actually estimation on the possible duration that your cat will go through while pregnant.

However, you can also tell when your cat is nearing their due date through their behavior. At approximately two weeks before their due date, your cat will have increase in their appetite.

At this point her belly will already showing, thus you might already know that she is pregnant. That is why; you might want to give her more food and nutrient as she will need to not only feed herself but also the fetus in her belly.

How Long is a Cat Pregnant

To prepare their delivery, your cat usually shows some nesting behavior. They will start to look a place that they can use as a nest for delivery process. You can also try to help them by preparing secluded and dark place where she can feel save for delivery.

Then when she stops eating completely, it is time for you to prepare yourself. As they will deliver the kittens in the next two days after they stop eating. This is when the pregnancy duration stops as they already deliver the kittens.


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