Kitten Upper Respiratory Infections

Just like humans, the kitten can get cold too and there is a disease called kitten Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) which is usually caused by some viruses or bacteria. The two most common viruses that like to infect kitten or cats are feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus.

For your information, these viruses can be transmitted from one cat to another through sneeze, cough, foods, when they sharing bowls, and while they grooming.

Moreover, there is URI that caused by bacteria called Bordetella and Chlamydia. They are commonly be found in shelter or area with multiple kittens or cats.

kitten upper respiratory infections

Kitten upper respiratory infections symptoms

How you will know that the kittens suffer from URI? Symptoms might be different which depend on the location and the cause of infection; however you can still pay attention of these several common feline upper respiratory infection symptoms such as:




Runny nose



Oral and nasal ulcers

Squinting/ rubbing eyes, etc.

Generally, the infections will last about 7 to 21 days and there is still an incubation time for 2 to 10 days and this is when the kitten gets the highest contagion.

Treatments for kitten that suffer from URI

First, you need to make an appointment with the vet and they will give you prescription while determine the best treatment for the kitten, hospitalization might also possible depending on the severe. However, for milder case, there are some treatments which you can do at home like:

Give the kitten appetizing and yummy kitten foods. If you have cat then you can give them canned food which somehow smells better and can be used to encourage eating.

Use humidifier to increase the humidity of the house or you can simply take the kitten into steamy bathroom for only 15 to 20 minutes but several times a day. This is one of the best kitten upper respiratory infections home treatments.

When the kitten is sneezing or drooling, wipe their nose, mouth, and eyes with clean and moistened washcloth.

How to Stop Kitten from Bitting?

Never try to self diagnose your own kitten because you may end up with the wrong treatments. To prevent the kitten getting this disease you can do several things like:

Keep the kitten indoor to prevent URI infections from other animals or cats.

Minimize the stress of the kitten; you can play with them to make them happier.

Infected kitten or cats need proper isolation to protect other animals and kitten.

Bring the kitten regularly to the vet to ensure their health.

Keep the kitten to get an up to date vaccination.

When you handle multiple kitten or cats, make sure you have good hygiene.

Those are some of important information regarding kitten upper respiratory infections.

White Kitten with Blue Eyes (Deafness/Blindness)

White kitten with blue eyes are often be associated with blindness and deafness. However, there is no need to be feared to bring a cat with blue eyes home because more than 50 percents of cats who are not pure white, their blue eyes are not always related to deafness and blindness.

However, all white cats or kitten are likely to be deaf and it is a major concern in most of pure white cats. Here is some information that might help you to understand more about white kitten.

White kitten with blue eyes essential information

If you are looking for white cat with blue eyes breed then you can look for kitten which commonly has blue eyes such as Javanese, ragdoll, Balinese, Turkish Van, snowshoe, Siamese, Himalayan, Persian, ojos azules, and Tonkinese. You may even find blue eyed cats in your local shelter since kittens are normally born with blue eyes color.

  1. The deafness

It is true that you may be afraid to bring a white cat or kitten home for the possible deafness, but deaf kittens are healthy and happy as long as you keep them indoors. Even a cat that completely blind or deaf still can be a perfect companion for humans and thus never be afraid to raise a white cat although they are blind or deaf. And for your information, if you are wondering whether albino cats are also linked to deafness then they are not.

white kitten with blue eyes

white kitten with blue eyes 3

white kitten with blue eyes 2

  1. The sign of deafness

There are some signs that can be checked though, for example if your kittens or cats ignore your voice, they walk in odd way, difficult to wake up, they seem disoriented, and like to startled easily when you touched them then these could be the signs of deafness. Consult the vet when suspect these symptoms.

  1. How about the kittens that are born with blue eyes

Just like we mentioned before, not all white kittens are related with deafness or blindness because normally all kittens are born with blue eyes. But, if you ask will my kitten’s eyes stay blue although they are not blind or deaf then your kittens may change in eyes color.

When the kitten reaches one month old, their eyes color will begin to change into many numbers of shades like amber, gold, etc. And when they finally reach three months old, they will have permanent eye colors.

How to Litter Train a Kitten

However if you find out that the white kitten with blue eyes are deaf and blind, never take them outdoors without your monitoring since they might be harmed with other animals.