Blue Buffalo Kitten Food Reviews and Information

Blue Buffalo kitten food made from natural rich protein ingredients which can provide healthy nutrition in properly amount. Blue Buffalo is a company that provide both kittens and cats foods, they committed to sell best quality of foods for the pets.


You can feed your kittens either wet or dry foods from the Blue Buffalo brands according to their needs, ages, and preferences.

The ingredients of foods are vary, but they are all use quality ingredients in healthy amounts such as turkey meal, chicken, meal, deboned duck, fish meal, and other meat based proteins. Of course there are some of Blue Buffalo kitten food ingredients mixed with grain.

Blue Buffalo kitten food reviews and information

Blue Buffalo offered dry and wet kitten foods as well as kitten snacks. You can start to feed the kittens with Blue Buffalo gradually.

If the kittens are never feed on Blue Buffalo then you can start by mix about 25 percents of Blue to the old foods and over the next 14 days, you can start to increase the amount of the food brand.


There are two options to prepare the food; if you select canned kitten foods then you can serve it directly, but if you select dry food you can either serve it as crunchy nugget right out of the bags or you can mix it with warm water and the last option is good option for kittens who cannot digest the foods very well.

blue buffalo kitten food

Here are some of the advantages feeding your kittens with Blue brand:

  1. They made from natural rich protein ingredients.
  2. You can select Blue Buffalo kitten food grain free for your pets that have allergic reaction to gluten, food sensitive, and such.
  3. They are really tasty and vary in flavors.
  4. Some of the products are good for diet and weight management.
  5. They are even foods suitable for hair ball buffalo kitten food

Blue Buffalo companies also claimed that their kitten foods which are full of nutrition are good for:

  • Brain and eye development
  • Give energy for growth and play
  • Healthy muscle growth
  • Support better immune system
  • Healthy coat and skin
  • Healthy eyes and heart

Kittens during their first to year usually require more foods than adult cats. You can feed the kittens at their 3 to 4 weeks of age with wet or moistened Blue brand food three to four times daily until they can finally able to eat dry food.

Blue Buffalo works with animal nutritionist and vets so you can safely give the kittens some Blue Buffalo kitten food portion each day. And not to mention this brand is extremely popular within kitten owners.


Many owners reported that their kittens or cats are loss of healthy amount of weight, but in the end they can manage it back after switch the old foods with this brand.

Although many said that the food price is more expensive than other generic kitten food brands, however majority of the owners said the price is worth it.

The Blue Buffalo marketed their products with human grade certification and they also have some product line intended for kittens which have allergy or sensitive to food.

For example, there are products that contain no corn gluten meal or corn to avoid gluten reaction. That’s why before you purchase the Blue Buffalo, you need to check the label and ensure the ingredients that they do not contain gluten.

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Some information to take note

Blue Buffalo cat food recall:

Yes, in 2007, the company recalls some of their products due to contamination with melamine. In 2010, once again the company recalls their products because some of them contain excessive amount of vitamin D.

Blue Buffalo cat and kitten food ingredients:

The ingredients are varies depending on the product line. Some of them are marketed with low carbohydrate ingredients while other with high protein ingredients. In addition, the company also made “Blue Organic” product line which contains foods that are certified organic.


Where do you can purchase Blue Buffalo kitten food?

They are all available in both large and small pet food stores. You can also find them at online pet shop.

Last but not least, when you feed the kittens with Blue Buffalo kitten food, always read the instruction and label first since how much you need to feed is depending on the weight, ages, activity level, and many more.

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