Average Lifespan of a Cat, How Long Do Cats Live?

Before you own any pet, you might want to learn about average lifespan of a cat so you will know what to expect beforehand.


Cat is known for their long life, which often longer than a dog. But of course that not always be the case as there are a few factors that affect it.

What Affect Average Lifespan of a Cat?

One important factor is from the environment where they live in. for wild cat, they commonly life for around four to five years lifespan. However, for domesticated cat, they will have longer lifespan which is around fifteen to twenty years and even longer.

One thing that can affect this lifespan is the breed that your cat own. Some breed has longer lifespan for example manx as well as Siamese even though there are even some breed that life for around thirty years of lifespan.

Furthermore even pure or the mixed breed may also have a potential to go over their predicted lifespan. Thus they may even life longer than those years we mention above.


Average Lifespan of a Cat

Another thing that may affect your cat lifespan is their nutrient. That is why many researcher has done some study in learning the average dietary need for a cat so it can life to their full potential.

But you should know that not all of the cat food in the market has equal nutrient. And it is important to take note that once the cat become adult, then they will need less amount of carbohydrate in their diet. The reason is because they cannot digest carbohydrate and even lactose anymore once they become adult.

All of those nutrients that the cat need will affect their health thus will also have indirect effect on their lifespan. If your cat does not get enough nutrients, then they will get some health issue. Furthermore parasites are also able to give your cat some diseases which may affect their lifespan.

Average Lifespan of a Cat
Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat, dead at 32 

Average Lifespan of a Cat


There is also another thing that may affect average lifespan of an outdoor cat compared to indoor cat. As the outdoor cat love to be outside, this means that they will have higher risk of something happen to them. This makes their accident or injuries risk increase, thus will also affect their overall lifespan.

As you can see there are a lot of things that may affect your cat lifespan. Thus even though you already know their average lifespan, but there are other possibilities that can make them life shorter or longer.

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