How to Give a Cat a Pill for Medication ?

All feline owners should learn how to give a cat a pill in case your cat gets sick and need to take some medicine. The problem is, they do not like take any pill even though they need it to cure their illness. Thus you need to find a good way so they willing to take the pill.

Learn How to Give a Cat a Pill for Medication

First thing that you need to do is to be confident as they can notice it if you are nervous or not. And if you are indeed nervous, this will also make them feel as nervous. But if that already happen, then do not try to give pill to your cat as there is no point in learning how to pill a difficult cat.

Instead lock them in a room then place them on the floor with carpet. Your cat will grab onto the carpet as their first reaction until she is calm down.

Try to calm her down by wrapping her using towel with her head out. That way, she would not scratch you and you can handle her easier. Then try to talk to her while talking to her to calm her down a bit.

Once you see that she already calm down, then you can try to put your thumb as well as your middle finger into the hinge on her jaw. Then try to open her mouth gently, but do not hold her too tight or try to yank her mouth open. Now try to tilt her head back until you see the start point of her tongue which located on the back area of her mouth.

Now try to put the pill to center area of her mouth, and then close her mouth as quick as possible. Then you need to rub on her throat area which will encourage her to do the swallowing motion.

To know, whether the pill that you put into her mouth is already swallowed or not. You can see whether your cat already lick her lips or not. Once she lick her lips then it means that the pill already go down her throat.

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Then you might want to give her some water which will be able to help in dissolving it. Use syringe without any needle to put the water into her mouth then let her swallow the water down. That is how you can make your cat take her pill easily.