6-Week Old Kitten Care Tips

A 6-week old kitten is not much different from a 5-week old one. Kittens aged 5 and 6 weeks are often included in the same age group that determines how they grow and develop and how they should be cared for.


Nevertheless, there are some slight differences in how they appear and behave. And so there is also difference between 6-week old kitten care and that of their 5-month old counterpart.

Here we will explore what you can expect from your 6-week old kitten and how to deal with their care.

The physical characteristics of a 6-week old kitten

Your 6-week old kitten now has a sturdier build, although they still look like a chubby baby. Get ready to see significant growth starting from this week, but don’t expect significant change in their size because size is not a determining factor for growth.

They will physically stronger than before and will get more and more powerful in the next weeks. Their legs have become a little bit stronger and their gait is less shaky compared to that one week before.


They should have gained about 1 to 3 ounces of weight this week. A week before, their weight is somewhere between 14 ounces and 1.8 pounds, so normally, a 6-week old kitten weight should be between  1 and 2 pounds. Check with your veterinarian to make sure that your kitten has proper weight.

Your kitten’s sexual organ should look clearer now and you should be able to determine their sex with ease.

Although distinguishing the gender of a kitten can be done as early as when your kitten is 3-week old, but significant difference in the appearance of their sexual organ doesn’t become tangible until they are 5 or 6 weeks old.

If you have started sexing your kitten now, you may need to plan to neuter your kitten next week or the week after.

6-week old kitten


How to feed a 6-week old Kitten

Your kitten is still in the growth stage in which healthy nutrition plays an important role in ensuring their proper growth and development.

Most experts agree that bottle-fed kittens should be weaned by the time they reach 6 or 8 weeks of age. Check with your veterinarian to learn whether your 6-week old kitten can be weaned and the best 6-week old kitten feed to replace the formula.

In general, formulated kitten food (don’t confuse it with kitten’s formulated milk), should be given to your kitten until they are at least 1 year old. Your kitten’s deciduous teeth indeed still look tiny and fragile, but they can actually be used for chewing dry kitten food.

If you haven’t given your kitten dry food before, this week can be the best time to introduce them to dry food. Wet canned food, nonetheless, is still a recommended food for your 6-week old kitten.

How often should you feed your kitten in a day? Normally, kitten eats four times a day.

If you feed your kitten with a combination of dry and wet food, you can feed your kitten with wet food twice a day and leave dry food around your kitten’s surroundings for the entire day.

Dry food can be exposed to open air as long as you want, but wet food should not be left too long in the open because they can easily be contaminated.


Consult your vet if your 6-week old kitten won’t feed or if they show symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and other diseases.

How to train your 6-week old kitten

Litter box training is possibly the most important training that your 6-week old kitten should get.

When your kitten still lives with their mom, urination is mostly assisted by mom who licks the kitten’s perineum to stimulate it.

After they are weaned, they should start to be able to urinate on their own. Prepare yourself to do litter training to your kitten because the earlier you do this training, the easier your kitten can master it.

Your kitten also becomes more social when they are 6 weeks old. Therefore, it is important that you spend many good times with your kitten so that your bond with them becomes even stronger.

Take your kitten outside to help them socialize with other kittens and people and make sure that you do 6-week old kitten training that helps your kitten behave better and avoid biting and other malicious actions.

5-week old kitten’s medical monitoring

Most kittens receive their first vaccination shots when they are 8 weeks or 2 months old; however, some kittens may receive those shots as early as when they are 6 weeks old. Therefore, consult your vet to find out whether your 6-week old kittenis ready for vaccinations.

7-Week Old Kitten

If they are ready, the likely type of vaccination that they will get is called combination vaccine consisting of feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus.

Chlamydophila may also be included in the first 6-week old kitten vaccination. Also make sure that your kitten receives proper flea treatment that is safe for them.

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