3 Month Old Kitten Care Tips

Having a 3 month old kitten is a real happiness especially because your kitten has become very active and is on their way to become fully independent.


Whether you grow the kitten from their birth or you buy them when they are 2-month old—a normal age for a kitten to be purchasable—you will see significant physical and mental improvement between when they are 2-month old and when they are 3-month old.

Nevertheless, despite this significant development, your kitten is still a small and cute kitten that must be handled with care.

3 Month Old Kitten Weight

Starting from the age of 2 months, a healthy kitten will gain weight at approximately 1 pound every month. Therefore, if a 2-month old kitten generally weighs between 1.4 and 2.6 pounds with 2 pound as median, a 3 month old kitten is expected to weigh between 2.2 and 4 pounds with 3 pound as median.

Your kitten can be of whatever size depending on their breed, but it is important to keep their weight within the range above. Otherwise, they will not be considered healthy.

3 month old kitten
Tabby male kitten, Fosset, 3 months old, lying with his head up

3 Month Old Kitten Care

Your newly independent kitten might be more self-reliant now, but they still need you to give the best possible care to them. 3 month old kitten care covers everything ranging from feeding, training and vaccination.


Your 3-month kitten is still in their essential growing stage in which proper feeding is crucial. You will need to take care of not only the kind and variety of foods that they should consume, but also how often you should feed them.

With their teeth, kitten has ability to eat both dry and wet foods; however, it is important to put bigger portion on wet food because dry food tends to dehydrate your kitten.

Kitten has their own special food, so don’t give them adult cat’s food yet because the latter lacks necessary nutrients to fuel their rapid growth.

Food that is high in protein is indeed expensive; however, if you want your kitten to stay healthy give the food to them. Feed your kitten about 4 times a day or 3 times with larger portion.

3-month old kitten
Tabby kittens, Stanley and Fosset, 3 months old, sitting together


Potty training should have been complete by the time your kitten reaches 3 months of age. You can potty train them by placing a litter box at a particular room and having your kitten spend most of their time in that room. Allow them to explore the rest of the house, or even outdoors, if they are already accustomed to using their litter box.

Remember to provide them with toys that they can play with. They love to play with them. Toys and fishing rods can also be good training instruments if you want to keep your hand away from their sharp teeth and claws.

How to Litter Train a Kitten


Your 3-month old kitten has already had their first shots one month prior when they were 2 months old. By the time they reach 3 months of age, you should visit your vet to allow your kitten to receive the second vaccination. The third and the last vaccination should take place when they are 4 months old.

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